Listed: January 13, 2020

Price: $1500

Location: Woodstock QLD, Australia


Mike has been used for breaking weaners in yards and laneway trips. Relatively green in the paddock. Needs work and further training. Can do little jobs with him. Does bite a nose and will grab for a second or two if worked with other dogs. Not overly strong by himself. Will position himself near the point sometimes. Sometimes not quite in the right spot. (see video)
Will work sheep and cattle. Have not worked cows and calves with him.
Ideally suited as a team member for cattle. No big flocks of sheep here to know if he would be ok with big numbers of sheep.
Can drop to transport with Dogmovers at Townsville.
Surplus to work load here.


Wayne - 0457537467

Contact Details

Name: Wayne Flintham

Phone: 0457537467