Listed: May 13, 2020

Price: $4000 (Negotiable)

Location: Coolac NSW, Australia

Breed: Border Collie

Vaccinated? Yes

Works with: Sheep

Suitable For: Paddock Work, Trailling


4yo UK bred BC bitch

By Beacons Rees x Ohutu She Rox n Tri. All UK breeding, not ISDS registered but registered with AWBCR. Short coat, tri colour.

Trained going sheepdog. Has done 12 months station work in a mixture of flat and hilly country on Suffolk and crossbred ewes and rams. Prior to that competed in some three sheep trials up north. Handy bitch, straight walk up and square break. Not super strong on her own, but will work mobs of rams, ewes and lambs etc. will come in and nip if pushed. Loves driving a mob. Has voice commands and whistle commands and has worked at distance. Worked off ute and motorbike. She will work cattle but she’s not a cattle dog. Can be fast and pushy when fresh but settles in nice. Happy working in the yards, would likely back if you put the time in which I haven’t, though she’s not a dog that will squirrel between tightly packed sheep. Had one litter before I owned her. I had planned to DNA her but haven’t bred her so haven’t done it yet. Her sire is clear for CEA and TNS.

I've given her a few runs in three sheep and one in a cattle trial and an ISDS style trial. Happy to shed sheep at work and will take inside flanks and drive, won't take much to get her suitable for that style of trialling/herding. Beautiful natured bitch and easy to have around, only for sale due to no work for her. Excellent home only.

Please contact me for video.

Contact Details

Name: Lauren Vest

Phone: 0431299186